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Suggested Resources

Find English Country Dances in your area 

Contact the Country Dance and Song Society - or call 413-203-5467

This website has a comprehensive list of ECD dances around the country

YouTube Channels dedicated to English Country Dancing

CDNY Dancer and Instructor Paul Ross's page, Childgrove -

English Country Dance -

Village Green English Dancers -

Joseph Pimentel leading the dance, Fandango, in Atlanta


English Country Dance Web Pages

Country Dance and Song Society -

Country Dance New York -

Sharon Green (West Coast Dance Teacher and Caller) -

Playford Plodders (San Diego, CA) -

English Country Dance Music

The Barnes Books - the three staples of English Dance Music compiled by Kate Barnes - CanusPublishing

CDSS also maintains a English Country Dance Store full of music books and recordings.  Website


There are many, many more Organizations and Resources for English Country Dancing online.  This is simply a partial list that will hopefully get you started!


Happy Piano Playing and Dancing!  

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